My Bullet Journal

Most likely I first found out about bullet journaling on Instagram or YouTube. So I went on, learned more about it and thought I’d give it a try. Mine is very basic, simple and close to the original method with a few collections. I try to keep it as simple as possible because I know I can keep up with it if I do. So here is a few pictures of my personal bullet journal:

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Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

Recently, I decided that I needed to simplify my life. Of course, life is never simple but I thought, at least I can simplify my hobbies. I wanted to do so many things but, being the procrastination queen, I never got around to it. So I narrowed my hobbies down to three things: reading, writing and brush lettering.

I have always been reading, ever since I could. It is something I can never give up on. I can experience things I’ve never experienced with beautiful language in a book.

I’ve also always liked writing. Whenever I was annoyed by someone, I would write them a letter but not send it. I would instead throw it away or delete it and that would make me feel a lot better without having hurt anyone’s feelings.

I’ve recently started brush lettering. I like brush lettering because I like writing physically with a pen on paper and I like letters. You can see some posts of my brush lettering right here in my blog.

I plan to post about my reading, writing and brush lettering on my blog and maybe that will help with procrastination and my annoying perfectionist mentality.

This post was inspired by WordPress’s The Daily Post, Daily Prompt: Abandoned